•   Art Without Guardianship: Salón Independiente in Mexico 1968-1971 is the first reconstruction of the exhibitions organized by the Salón Independiente (SI) from 1968 to 1971—one of the key breaking points between the avant-garde and the Mexican cultural establishment. By studying the birth of the SI, this exhibition also reviews the art scene during the […]

  • Floating Station Artist: Taka Fernández  From March 24th, through May 12th, 2019 One of the principal axes of the work of Taka Fernández has been the exploration of landscape: not only as a formal representation of space or a simple quest for a given contextual framework, but rather landscape viewed as a receptacle of passing […]

  • Linotipia Artista: Ana Paula Santana Del 24 de marzo al 14 de julio 2019 Linotipia es un proyecto de documentación y reflexión sobre la máquina del linotipo y sus operadores. El proyecto parte de dos parámetros: identificar las imprentas de Guadalajara que aún tienen máquinas en funcionamiento y entrevistar a los linotipistas. La imprenta moderna fue inventada en […]

  • Cornucopia Artista: Charlie Billingham From February 5th to May 12th of 2019 To create his paintings Charlie Billingham uses fragments of imagery from historic British drawings and etchings. His main interest is in the satirical prints of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, which mostly fall into the late Georgian and Regency eras. Drawing […]